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Basic Information

Career: Noble T2 Status: Gold 3

Trained Skills: Bribery, Consume Alcohol, Gamble, Gossip, Haggle, Intimidate, Leadership, Melee: Fencing, Evaluate, Language: Khazalid, Lore: Heraldry, Lore: Wissenland, Play: Violin, Trade: Miner

Talents: Doomed, Hardy, Linguistics, Luck, Read & Write, Resistance (Magic), Attractive

Distinguishing Marks: Well-groomed Beard


Worn Items: Courtly Garb, Fine Clothing, Weathered Full Length Cape, Set of Leather and Chain Armor

Weaponry: Rapier sheathed in leather scabbard accented with a large ruby and Sword Breaker sheathed in a leather sheath accented with a large ruby.

Containers: Pouch Containing: Tweezers, Earpick, Comb, Pouch Containing: Healing Draught, Faxtoryll, Pouch Containing: Coins

Property & Livestock: Blackstone Keep, Coach

Henchmen: Runor DirtyOre

Attributes:  WS 40 BS 30 S 30 T 44 I 30 Ag 25 Dex 40 Int 30 WP 50 Fel 20

Trained Skills:  5- [Athletics, Climb, Dodge, Drive, Endurance, Intuition, Melee (Basic), Perception, Stealth (Rural), Lore (Geology), Trade: Gem Cutter] 3- [Lore: Metallurgy, Lore: Dwarves, Language: Khazalid]

Talents: Resistance (Magic), Night Vision, Read/Write, Resolute, Sturdy, Beneath Notice, Resistance (Mutation)

Trappings: Fine Clothing, Leather Armor, Hand Weapon: Axe, Dagger, Pouch Containing: Tweezers, Ear Pick, Comb.  Boot Brush.


Arwin was born in 2485 in Nehren, Barony of Stuppach, Wissenland. Arwin’s father, Gregor Unterberg, died in the spring of 2502 at the Altdorf Zoo after suffering fatal injuries after feeding a dangerous animal.  What little attention he paid his family in life, was usually negative as he was both verbally, emotionally, and physically abusive. Arwin’s mother, Giselda Unterberg, died when Arwin was about 6 years of age when travelling to Frauenburg to meet with her sister.  The caravan was attacked by a band of goblins. Arwin’s older brother, Argyle, is a hard but caring man.  Though only 25 years of age, he is responsible and fair.  In an effort to provide some additional influence and finances to the family, he became an infantry officer five years prior and now holds the rank of Captain.  Upon the death of his father and as he was now the head of House Unterberg, he was offered a sabbatical of 1 year to put his house in order or stipend out of the military.  At the bequest of Baroness von Mecklenberg, he has agreed for certain favors to the house, to not only remain in military service but be reassigned to lead an infantry company assigned to a regiment stationed in the penal colony of Leopoldheim.

Arwin was born with extra fingers.  Unlike a mutation, this anatomical abnormality is somewhat common on his mother’s side of the family, who truth be told, have relatively close familial ties. His father, however, oft looked at him with disgust.  After his mother’s death and at the age of six, looks of disgust turned into increasing levels of emotional and physical abuse by his father.  When these hidden abuses became known to Arwin’s older brother, Argyle threatened to join the priesthood, which would leave Arwin as successor which was the last thing his father would want.  From this point on, he spent much time away from his father, and more time with his tutor, Runor DirtyOre, who was actually a former gemcutter employed by Arwin’s grandfather before the walls of Blackstone Keep were broken open. He rarely played with friends, though he did have cousins in Frauenberg whom he enjoyed spending summers with.  Only two years ago, and feeling more a man than he had any right to, he backtalked his father who was snidely belittling him. He was rewarded with a mouthful of broken teeth.  His brother had been away at the military academy at that time, and nothing could be done for it.  He has since spent the past two years avoiding the manor at all costs, spending what allowance he has on tutors for fencing, in hopes of one day challenging his own father to a dual.  That challenge will never happen as his father… well… the zoo.

Arwin's days of adventuring actually start with coming home, rather than leaving it, as he has spent the past couple of years in the capital with Runor DirtyOre, who has been responsible for his safety during that time. His father passed away in the spring of 2502 and his brother is now home as well setting the house affairs in order. Apparently in the will, and perhaps as a final joke, Arwin was granted Blackstone Keep, while his older brother was granted the manor and farmland surrounding it.  It is quite likely that his father hoped he’d die trying to reclaim it from the goblins that took up its settlement decades ago.

Arwin has no friends.  His brother, for many years, was his protector and tried to play with him, but their age difference was significant and while they share a fondness for one another, they would not be considered friends.  His mother’s sister lives not far away and is married to a local knight, and while the children are of Arwin’s age, after the death of their mother, visiting has become quite a bit less common. 

Arwin has developed a great respect for Dwarven culture and also has a desire to make what is almost a broken noble house into something significant and influential.  It is his hope to forge financial ties with a dwarven community that would be to mutual and lasting benefit.

Some of Arwin’s best memories involve his mother, brother, and Runor.  He remembers his mother taking him to visit his cousins when he was little and holding his hand in the coach as they went, pointing out all the sights as they passed by.  This was a brief but beautiful moment for him in experiencing the world and spending quality time with his mother.  He remembers the time his brother took him horse riding for the first time, and mixed in with the bad, the first time his older brother stepped in to protect him against their father.  Also bittersweet, was the knowledge that his father had been killed at the zoo, pleased that such a horrible man was nolonger around to make others lives miserable, but feeling somehow hollow that all of his training went to waste in not being able to challenge him.  He has several fond memories with Runor, who’s gruff exterior was thin enough to reveal that the older dwarf and a fondness for the boy and they would often speak in Khazalid.  They even went on little supervised explorations where he was able to pick at rock walls and find preplanted semi-precious stones, polished and cut by Runor. The worst memories he had, were the loss of his mother at the age of 6.  The loss of having his brother around at the age of 14, when his older brother joined the military, and while they aren’t individual memories, the constant abuse from his father.

Arwin follows the Old World Pantheon.  He has no particular favoring of one over another and while he does respect dwarven culture, he does not regard dwarven ancestors as having anything to do with religion, but is polite enough not to express this to Runor.

Arwin is loyal to House Unterberg, and will do what is required to make his house successful.  Beyond the familial obligations required to his older brother, he both loves and respects him and will always have Arwin’s loyalty. Indirectly, as a banner house to Baroness von Mecklenberg, he is loyal to her, and thus to the Empire.  Like his brother, his is loyal to his tutor, friend, and servant Runor DirtyOre and will do everything within his power to treat him as much as an equal as is possible between noble and servant.

Arwin seeks to make a name for himself and bring power, influence and wealth back to house Unterberg. Oh did you think it was some sort of altruistic cause? No… we of House Unterberg are Machiavellian by design, and this house stands strong.  Arwin’s adventure begins where another ends, at the Altdorf Zoo, where he shall pay respects to the creature that did him service.