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A hereditary holding of House Unterberg situated less than 10 miles northeast of Nehren. This rather small but secure keep would be inconsequential as it guards no route, nor provides no significant strategic geographical benefit save for its own safety. Its purpose is to guard the gemstone mine attached to it. It has previously not been in use for several decades when the former miners were digging a new tunnel and broke through to natural caverns that held a goblin community, who in turn killed the minors, the foreman, and expanded their territory into the keep itself. Rather than suffer the humiliation of losing such a gem (pun intended), their grandfather hid the truth from the public and the family has been depending more and more upon the income gained through their supply of barley and hops. Bequeathed to Arwin in his father's will, perhaps as a joke, Arwin actually managed to secure the keep and seal the mine. In 2502 Arwin opened the mine once more and cleared the mine with a team of adventurers: Grimwald Vintner, Alinar Icerunner, Urs Uckiewics, and Lady Emilia von Bogenberg. The mine is operational now though consistent renovations are improving its profitability.


Gunther Stillmann is the Warden of Blackstone Keep. Beyond being the head of staff, he is responsible for the estate's safety and stewardship. He first came to be employed by Arwin Unterberg after being bested by Runor DirtyOre and left for dead by his previous employer.

Birghild Schönheit is the keep's maid. Polite and demure, her duties are to ensure the cleanliness of the keep, serve meals to guests, and service Lord Arwin's nocturnal desires. She has a daughter, born out of wedlock in 2503, whose father was the son of her previous employer.

Egon Voigt is employed as an Ostler.

Falko Esser

Birgit Bader